Round Table Tickets is a unique platform in many ways…

and has been built from the success and failures of running many events of different sizes and genres. We know what event promoters need; easy processes, streamlined systems, powerful tools – all with a shared vision to manage and run events in the smoothest possible way.

All of our services, tools and apps are custom-built and are completely free to use. Whether you run a small event with a single ticket type or a large scale event over several days with multiple gates, we have everything that you need.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with theticketsellers…

who have 20 years experience in the ticketing industry and come with excellent customer service, knowledgable on-site teams and a unique custom-built event management platform called Eventree.

This clever system is used by events worldwide but closer to home, the likes of Boomtown and Shambala have integrated Eventree into their processes for the past 8 years. Their ‘On-Sale to On-Site’ service means that you do not need to work with multiple providers to get what you need; Round Table Tickets does it all and the best bit about it – it won’t cost you a penny.

Want to Know more

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